The Inclosed Gift Wrapping Guide

We are completely smitten with our new line of holiday gift wrap! Each print is lovely on it's own - but we've came up with a few ways to make them extra special. Use hashtag #loveinclosed on Instagram to show us how you're using our gift wrap to give a little extra joy this holiday season!


Washi Tape Plaid

  1. Wrap your gift in our Red or Vanilla Grid Gift Wrap.
  2. Choose 3 - 4 different colors/patterns of washi tape. Tape down strips of each color going vertically and horizontally lining up alongside the grid pattern.
  3. Tie your gift up with baker's twine and finish with an Inclosed Holiday Gift Tag.
Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap

Calligraphy Layers

  1. Wrap your gift in a sheet of Calligraphy Gift Wrap.
  2. Cut a second sheet of gift wrap at an angle and wrap the bottom 2/3 of the box.
  3. Cut a third sheet at the same angle and wrap the bottom 1/3 of the box (don't use any tape along the top edge).
  4. Fill your gift wrap pocket with goodies like a Holiday Greeting Card, Charmpad or a candy cane!

Monogram Dot Garland

  1. Wrap your gift in a sheet of our Holiday Gift Wrap.
  2. Tie 3-4 strands of twine around your box at slight angles. Secure the twine with tape on the bottom of the box to keep them from moving.
  3. Use our Initial Stickers to put the recipients initials on the gift along the twine.
  4. Use 2 different sizes of circle punches to cut out circles from various papers. Glue paper circles along the twine.
Gift Wrap
Lesley Peterson