How to Throw a Festive Friendsgiving



Our fill-in invitations make it easy and fun to get the word out! 

As the host, tradition states you should be the one making the turkey – but the best part of Friendsgiving is that you don't have to make turkey! What's a food that you and your friends have a special connection with? Pizza, pasta, chili, enchiladas - make something extra special! Let your friends know what they can contribute to round out the meal (hors d'oeuvres, side dishes, desserts). And for those friends you know don't like to cook there's always napkins, ice, wine, and other beverages - see our suggestion below!)


PLAY A GAME - Guess that Friend

1. Write each guest's name on a sheet of Charmpad paper and put them in a bowl.

2. Have each guest draw a name from the bowl (make sure no one gets their own name).

3. Each guest then writes a short and memorable/funny story about the friend whose name they've drawn.

4. Put all of the stories back into the bowl.

5. The host then draws out one story and reads it aloud. The guests then must guess which friend matches that story. Whoever guesses correctly first, wins that round!

6. Keep track of who wins the most rounds and have a fun prize ready for the winner.


celebrate friendship

Here are a few ways to use our Friendsgiving Greeting Cards:

  • Write a personal note to each guest thanking them for their friendship. Write their name on the outside of the envelope and use it as a place card.
  • Give a favor bag to your friends filled with fall treats and a greeting card for them to use.
  • Write a note to each of your friends thanking them for coming to the party and wishing them a joyful holiday season.

Via The Cookie Rookie

Via The Cookie Rookie


What you'll need:
• Apple Cider
• Champagne
• Apple Slices (for garnish)
• Sprinkles and/or Sugar (for garnish)

How it's done:
Dip the rim of your glasses in a shallow dish filled with water, then dip into sprinkles/sugar to coat. Fill glasses 1/2 full with apple cider. Top with champagne. Garnish with apple slices. Drink up!